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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

The Kia-Ora Coo-ee. Published Monthly

The Kia-Ora Coo-ee. Published Monthly.

The Kia-Ora Coo-ee is issued jointly for Australian and New Zealand Troops, and it will gather and dispense all interesting information concerning the different Units in Egypt, Palestine, Salonica and Mesopotamia.

The Editor will be glad to receive contributions of interest. A glance at our pages will give contributors an idea of the kind of material we require.

Draw sketches in ink or lead pencil, not ink pencil. Put in as little detail as possible; outline is best. Be as funny as you can, but do not ridicule the enemy too bitterly. You might be captured with a copy of the magazine in your pocket.

All material sent in is subject to the censorship of the Editor, and the Chief Field Censor. Members

of the Anzac Forces can therefore remit their copies home by post in the usual way.

"The Kia-Ora Coo-ee" is not being run as a business concern. It is published for the benefit of the A.I.F. and N.Z.E.F., and any profits resulting from the sales thereof will be returned to Regimental funds.

The Committee of Management are representative of both Australian and New Zealand Personnel, and comprise:

Treasurer: Lieut. W. A. Robertson, A.I.F.

Auditor: Lieut. P. L. Johnston, A.I.F.

Secretary and Circulation Manager: Spr. E. A. Hodda, A.I.F. Advertising

Manager: Mr. Douglas Dixon.

Editor: Tpr. F. Reid, A.I.F.

Sub-Editors: W.O. D. Barker, A.I.F.

Sub-Editors: Sgt. L. S. Griffiths, N.Z.E.F.

Office: A.I.F. Headquakters, Cairo, Egypt.