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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 9. June 7, 1939

More Difficulties

More Difficulties.

There are more difficulties, too, which still have to be surmounted before food can be purchased for its full food-value.

How many people know that, for [unclear: instance].

1.Pre-cooked breakfast foods, which are [unclear: greatly] advertised as whole grain, are treated with superheated swam which tends to destroy the good antineuritic vitamin B1? In other words that the essential food vitamin for which we eat our morning porridge has probably been destroyed before we purchase the food?
2.That many brands of dried fruits contain a certain amount of sulphur-di-oxide, arsenic, and lead, which have never been proved to be harmless to human beings?
3.That the vitamin C in vegetables begins to break down as soon as the vegetables are pulled from the ground and that the vegetables and fruit purchased in shops are seldom fresh?
4.That the fact that whole meal flour will not keep as well as white flour, is the basic reason why we have been bludgeoned into eating white bread instead of whole meal broad?
5.That all brown bread is not whole meal? And that most of the so-called whole meal bread is made from a mixture of white flour and bran and that the germ is left out of the mixture?

Even so, knowing all these facts, we still want to know why certain things are as they are.