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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 7, No. 7 July 26, 1944

Busy Exec. — Big Agenda

Busy Exec.

Big Agenda

Much ground was covered by the three-hour meeting of the Executive last Wednesday. Winter Tournament loomed large, but much time was occupied with the question of outsiders playing for the Basketball Club. Overseas parcels, Blues, Committee and I.S.S. were also discussed.

The meeting opened to welcome John Walton and Mark Poole as Assistants Treasurer and Secretary respectively. These two have shown much interest in student affairs, particularly on the exam, fees question. Dave Cohen was appointed Publicity Officer to the Association, and the Exec, was informed that the T.C. Students' Exec, have appointed Mrs. P. Fox as liaison officer to V.U.C. Exec. Barbara Wall reported from the Overseas Parcels Committee, which plans to send 250 parcels this year. Miss Wall's suggestion of sending chocolate, as being most generally acceptable to all services, was approved, and the necessary grants made. It was pointed out that all profits from the very popular tea dances go to the Overseas Parcels Fund.

Basketball Club Too Small

Next came a deputation from the Women's Basketball Club, asked by the Exec. to explain the presence in their Senior A team of students not attending lectures. The deputation said that there were not sufficient bona fide members to play two teams. Exec. members asked why publicity had not been organised to increase membership, instead of taking the easy way out of accepting outsiders. The deputation pleaded ignorance of the constitution on this point.

The Exec. wished to make it clear that the constitution was always available when the Exec. room was open, and it was the duty of club secretaries to acquaint themselves with it

To prevent embarrassment to the basketball teams, the girls concerned were allowed to finish the season with the club, on the understanding that this was not creating a precedent.

New Blues Committee

In discussing appointments to the Blues Committee, the point was made that members should be as representative of all sports as possible, although elected on their individual merits. The following were elected: Mr. R. M. Daniell, ex officio as senior tournament delegate, Miss Moira Wicks, Mr. M. O'Connor, Mr. Tosman, Mr. J. Barr, Mr. G. Burnard, and Mr. I. McDowall as Exec, representative.

Dick Daniell has prepared a scheme for Exec, members to act as liaison officers with the various clubs. These persons should be available to club committees for consultation and advice. The plan was approved, and the necessary appointments made.

Winter Tournament

Ian McDowall reported that many clubs had arranged to send teams to play C.U.C. during the period 9th-12th, August. Canterbury wanted the Tournament at the same time, but Otago found this clashed with exams. The Exec. were generally against having a Tournament in term time, but agreed to let the teams go if a Vacation date could not be arranged. Whether this is to be a proper Tournament depends on the other Colleges. Limited grants were voted, to cover cases of hardship for those travelling.