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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 7, No. 7 July 26, 1944


Vast crowds failed to assemble for the debate on the motion "That the Government has failed to make the greatest possible use of manpower in the war effort."

Miss Marshall opened for the affirmative, defined her terms and reminded students of the way they had been horribly maltreated on vacation jobs. She contended that the manpower officials had no qualifications for their position, that the government's approach to the whole question had been haphazard and that she possessed inside information to prove conclusively that the entire system was rotten.

Mr. Ziman, a trifle less pompous than usual, allowed his opponent's definitions to stand. He stated that New Zealand was playing a proportionately larger part in the war than any country except the Soviet Union. The manpower division had adapted itself to changing phases of the war, the appeal boards were reasonable and the hopelessly unqualified manpower officials were handling their jobs well.

Mr. Duncan based his argument on the contention that the government has not enforced its decisions, has failed to prevent strikes, has been dominated by the Trades Hall, and has mismanaged the rehabilitation of returned men. His debating style was better than his material.

Miss Crompton seconded Mr. Ziman in her usual forthright manner. The highlights of her speech were gained on the points that New Zealand has maintained and increased production in spite of overseas commitments and has developed her primary industries to decrease her imports.