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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 7, No. 7 July 26, 1944

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

  • C Grade: Varsity 5, De Havilland 7.
  • D Grade: Varsity A 11, Tramways 9; Varsity B 6, Shipping 14; Varsity B 2, Social Security 18.

An unusual aspect of last week's Grade match was that the two lower members of the team, Couper and Bensemann, "carried" the team, wining three out of their four singles. Bensemann seems to have conquered his nervousness and played very well. Grinlinton and Phillipps were defeated by De Havilland's two top men, and each team won two of the well-contested doubles.

In their match against Tramways the Varsity team won eight of the sixteen singles and took three doubles out of four to win the match. Dickson won three out of his four singles, Bay and Langbein two each, and Evans one.

Both the D Grade teams need intensive doubles practice. The B team won two of its doubles matches against Shipping and none against Social Security. Varsity's only two games in this match were won by McKenzie in the singles. In the Shipping match Gunn won two singles and McKenzie and Bay one each.

Tournament.—In the handicap tournament last Monday evening W. O. S. Phillipps on —3 won the men's section and Shirley Grinlinton, on —2, the women's.

The men's section was keenly contested and the three last games showed a reasonably high standard of play. In the quarter-finals Smith (—5) defeated Hannan (—5), to have a bye in the semi-finals. In the other semi-final, in one of the best games of the evening, Phillipps defeated Mayo, playing from +1. The final between Smith and Phillipps showed unrestrained and spectacular smashing from Phillipps, who was playing throughout the evening right on top of his form. Had Smith been able to take his mind off the score he probably would have done better.

There were only six entries in the women's section, in which the handi cappers were corruptible but not, as play showed, quite corruptible enough. In the first round Dawn Croxton defeated Helen Carmody, Shirley Grinlinton won from Nell Casey, and Marie Hampton from Aline Casey. Marie played well and on the evening's play should have been far more heavily handicapped. In Marie, Helen, and the two Caseys Varsity has the nucleus of a good women's team. More girls are needed to come along to club nights and practice, and the girls need to concentrate on forgetting the score. At present they are all nervous players. Next year they should be playing inter-club matches for the College—we should be able to field two women's teams. In the semi-final Shirley Grinlinton narrowly defeated Marie Hampton and went on to a surprise win in the final from Dawn Croxton, on —10.