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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 7, No. 7 July 26, 1944

Editorial — International Student Service


International Student Service

The spirit that characterises World Student Relief is perhaps its most important feature. The whole amount spent, even including the large U.S.A. contributions, may be small when compared with the expenditure by such an agency as the International Red Cross, but the work is unique. It is done from student to student Those who give do so because they, as students, know and are deeply concerned about the plight of fellow-members of the university community which knows no barriers of nation, race, religion, or political creed. They give because they believe in the university and the role it has played, at its best, in the growth of civilisation—and which it must play again if civilisation is to move forward. They give because individual students like themselves need help, as students.

The students of China were the first to meet the deprivations and dislocations of war, and their suffering and heroism remain unsurpassed, though now so tragically and nobly repeated in Russia. In prisoner of war and internment camps, or narrowly escaping deportation to forced labour, or struggling with starvation, the students of Europe have clung to the one thing left to them—the use of their minds. They have thrown up their own leaders, and planned their own courses. An organisation can supply a student with his book, but no one can do his work for him. The grit and inventiveness of our fellow-students in adverse circumstances is a challenge to those of us in the free universities to redouble our efforts in support.

Other Colleges have contributed their quota. Victoria is not used to lagging behind in student affairs. It should take the lead in this.