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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 8 June 27, 1945

Let Battle Commence

Let Battle Commence

"I wish to formally move from the chair," said Mr. Barr, "that the Annual Report and Balance Sheet be taken as read; are there any objections?" Messrs. Winchester, Hartley and Dowrick, simultaneously and in varying accents of indignation, "I object!" "Sir," asked Mr. Winchester, "has this report been ratified by a full Executive in committee?" Mr. Barr suggested, with some acerbity, that the arena be first cleared by taking the report as read, before contestants drew their bludgeons. After some murmuring this was done. The Chairman then moved formally that the report be adopted, and called for discussion.

Mr. Hartley rose. "Sir, I submit that this report is a document in extremely bad taste, containing both attacks and emendations of persons standing for office in the recent elections, and ambiguous statements concerning other individuals in the College. As such, it is unworthy of adoption." Upholding his assertion, Mr. Hartley objected to the wording of many clauses. In particular he asked why Mrs. Fowler had been dealt three gratuitous insults, concerning Rostrum, the Victory Loan campaign and the committee on text: books; why a slur had been cast on Mr. Cohen, a candidate, as Publicity Officer, and why, "at the risk of making invidious distinctions," Executive members, standing for re-election against other candidates, should have been singled out for praise in the face of equally commendable work on the part of other students. "Sir, this is a gross electioneering document and thoroughly unworthy of our Association: it must be rejected!"