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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 8 June 27, 1945

Typical Remarks:

Typical Remarks:

Mr. N. Taylor (VUC. pro): Criminal law is for the punishment of certain types-of activity, including debating.

Mr. I. Davies (VUC, anti): I know two murderers. Quoting Henry Lawson, Australian poet: "He is a decent fellow; he only murdered his wife."

Mr. Pattinson (VUC, anti): I would not like to be a hangman. Miss Taylor would not like to be a garbage collector.

Mr. Sansum (VUC, anti): If we see a poisonous snake we kill it. Mr. Cohen, from the house: I don't.

Mr. J. Williams (VUC, anti): How can we decide whether death or life imprisonment is worse when we know nothing about the latter?

Mr. O'Brien (VUC, pro): At last I am safe in quoting the Bible at a VUC debate.

Miss Cody (VUC, anti): I have never met anyone worth murdering.

Mr. Ellis (TC, anti): I have a little noose for you.

Mr. Jack (VUC, pro): Murdering is instinctive. Not murdering is conditioning.

Mr. A. Williams (VUC, anti): I fling Mr. Jack's remarks in his teeth.

After the main speakers had made their respective summings up, which were not especially memorable, the motion was put to the meeting and lost.

Mr. Scott considered that the mover and opposer of the motion had made the main points clearly but that the standard of debating at VUC had fallen since Mr. Campbell had lost his teeth.