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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 8 June 27, 1945

The team turned up The game was won

The team turned up The game was won

Ivor Ting once prophesied that if ever 3B turned up with a full team, they would win. They did, and they hare.

Thanks for your confidence, Ivor. The opponents were Wellington, a not unformidable team with a vociferous goalkeeper. Unfortunately, while a win was good for the team. It is debatable whether it was deserved. 3B on Saturday seemed to indulge in every known hockey fault. Chief were raising the stick and bad positional play. Almost every free hit awarded to Varsity was nullified by a wildly swinging stick, and failure to keep position resulted in players not being on the spot when needed. A most serious fault, on both aides, was that of allowing gaps to develop in the play. Several times play just stopped dead for a few seconds, and the reason was that players did not know who should take the ball, the man in the most favourable position should cry "mine" and the rest must allow him to take it.

In spite of faults the game seemed to be enjoyable and willing, whatever that means. 3B is bucked, especially as it appears at time of writing to be the only men's team that won, and expects to go well from now on. Score 3-2.

The B team, after some rather heavy defeats at the beginning of the season, have now settled down and are playing well as a team, but so far have succeeded only in narrowing the margins of their defeats. Giles is the most promising player in the side. In the halves, Williamson takes the ball cleanly. The forward line is now giving a much better account of itself, Drummond, Couper and Ashrof making determined efforts.