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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 8 June 27, 1945


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Soccer Tournament in offing?

Inquiries into the possibility of a soccer tournament this year have shown that Auckland, Victoria and Canterbury are very keen, whilst no word hat been received from Otago to date. Travelling arrangements are, of course, the main difficulty, but it is hoped that all will be finalised in the near future. This is the first year in which all four centers have had soccer teams, although the Victoria dab is now in its third year. In the meantime the club has secured on loan from the WFA a series of films on association football and these will be used to demonstrate and correct many of the points about which players are not too confident.

The A team lost to Miramar Rangers 3-4. As the Rangers were second in the competition, this was a fine effort indeed. Playing against a strong wind, and with the exception of a few sporadic bursts down the wings, play in the first spell was predominantly in our half, but Walls netted well for Varsity. At half-time, as the result of a penalty kick and a corner, Rangers led 2-1. Varsity began the second spell with two swift rushes on the Rangers' goal, Priddey and Sherani scoring. This led, perhaps, to complacency, and the backs, whose play had been exemplary during the first half, were often caught out of position, and the Rangers netted two further goals, bringing the final score of 3-4.

During the game at least half of the team were warned that on repetition of offences they would have to leave the field. A careful study is being made of the rules and it is hoped that this will throw some light on what the team regarded as unfair decisions. A protest lodged with the WFA brought no satisfaction.

The wing-halves, Priddey and Mackle, played good football. Richardson played his usual solid game at centre-half. Of the forwards, Williams probably played the beat game.

The team turned up The game was won

Ivor Ting once prophesied that if ever 3B turned up with a full team, they would win. They did, and they hare.

Thanks for your confidence, Ivor. The opponents were Wellington, a not unformidable team with a vociferous goalkeeper. Unfortunately, while a win was good for the team. It is debatable whether it was deserved. 3B on Saturday seemed to indulge in every known hockey fault. Chief were raising the stick and bad positional play. Almost every free hit awarded to Varsity was nullified by a wildly swinging stick, and failure to keep position resulted in players not being on the spot when needed. A most serious fault, on both aides, was that of allowing gaps to develop in the play. Several times play just stopped dead for a few seconds, and the reason was that players did not know who should take the ball, the man in the most favourable position should cry "mine" and the rest must allow him to take it.

In spite of faults the game seemed to be enjoyable and willing, whatever that means. 3B is bucked, especially as it appears at time of writing to be the only men's team that won, and expects to go well from now on. Score 3-2.

The B team, after some rather heavy defeats at the beginning of the season, have now settled down and are playing well as a team, but so far have succeeded only in narrowing the margins of their defeats. Giles is the most promising player in the side. In the halves, Williamson takes the ball cleanly. The forward line is now giving a much better account of itself, Drummond, Couper and Ashrof making determined efforts.

VUC Footballers will play Massey at Palmerston

Victoria is to send a team to play Massey at Palmerston North on Wednesday, July 14. It will be a one-day trip, the team leaving Wellington probably by the Napier express, and returning by the 5.12 train from Palmerston. Any supporters who wish to make the trip please get in touch immediately with the secretary. The team will be posted on the notice board on Thursday morning, June 28.

Seniors.—Since the last issue this team has been soundly beaten by Navy, has lost unluckily to Johnsonville, and scored a good win over Seatoun. The backs, because of injuries to some members sustained in the AUC game, have had to be rearranged, and scarcely struck form until the Seatoun game, but there is every hope that in the next few weeks we shall have a set of backs equal to any in the Hardham Cup. Watson, ex-Otago, proved an acquisition last Saturday, and Paki and Langley are also playing well. Of the forwards. Murphy and Shannon continue to stand out, while Dun, Bennett and Benseman toll very hard indeed.

Juniors.—This, the "hard-luck" team of the club, has added another two losses to its record, which would seem to argue a weak team. This, however, la not the case: the material is there, but that last bit of sting and understanding which makes a side is absent. Since Berry came up from the thirds he has made a vast difference to the backs, and Paterson, though he has not had many opportunities, seems to be making a good fist of his new position. Orr, Mullins and Wilson, the last named especially, are an energetic trio in the forwards, but the chief factor lacking in this department is that usual with Varsity teams—weight.

Third A.—This team put up a really fine performance in holding the unbeaten Marist side to 0-8, but lost to Hutt 3-13. Godman's play on the wing, that of Wilde at second five-eighths, Batterby's hardworking displays in the forwards, and the general liveliness of Catley, are bright spots in the team. The "rest of the club could well take a lesson from the members of this team in attending practices.

Third B.—Lost to Seatoun 3-5 and Miramar 3-13, though in the Miramar game the score was 3-3 until 10 minutes from time. Tanu Jowett is, however, very pleased with his men, who seem to enjoy their footbalt more than most. In fact, one member who had to be talked into playing his first game, now asserts that he "wouldn't miss a Saturday for quid's." Congratulations to Pix Hurrell and Brian Bridges in outplaying the redoubtable Nig. Taylor and Ray Hannan at the smoke concert.

Third C.—This, the lower grade side showing the best results, has given an extremely good account of itself so far. The backs are a very good set, speedy, and good on defence, but the forwards in a few cases do not go hard enough. Exceptions must be made at least of Gamble, a fine tackier, Parsons, Ornberg and Mason, consistent at tenders at practice, who are well up to standard. Gilchrist at half despatches the ball promptly and plays a fine all-round game, and the Rea-Watson-Bogle combination has proved very hard to stop. Harry Bailey, the coach, is up every Wednesday to practice, and his attendance, combined with that of his team, is reaping its reward.

Kirk Cup

The Kirk Cup football match in which Maths., Physics, and Geoloby meet Chemistry and Biology will be played on Kelburn Park on July 11.

The cup consisted originally of little more than bunsen-burner and biscuit tin, carrying none-the-less the blessings of Prof. Kirk, but the winning team will this year be awarded it's silver successor presented to Prof. Kirk by students on his retirement last year.

Being held usually on a Wednesday afternoon and attended by hordes of full-time scientists released from prac. classes, the match is one VUC event raising the college above the status of night-school.