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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 5. April 28th, 1948



Dear Sir,—Published in Salient of 7th April was an obnoxious article headed "He Jests at Scars." Let me tell you now that that is just another piece of Communistic propaganda. Whether W.J.C. has been fooled or whether he is responsible for the spreading of malicious propaganda remains to be seen.

To say that we are being "stampeded into war" by American "dollar imperialism" is absolute nonsense. Might I remind you that without American aid, Europe would be starving and Great Britain "on the rocks." Yes, that is what Russia wanted; but America stopped that.

"American violation of Italian sovereignty." Yes and I suppose Russian infiltration into Czechoslovakia are one and the same. The only difference being that the Italians are free and the Czechs not. But if the Italian elections are won by the Communists (this is unlikely, for Communists have never had an outright majority in any general elections they have participated in. The industrial chaos communistically inspired after the elections is the danger point) then we will see the Italians vanish behind an "iron curtin" and only their wails and moans will reach our ears.

There is only one way to avoid war, aid the Truman doctrine and the Marshall Plan but at the same time take a stern view of Russia's world aggression policy. Threaten her with the atomic bomb and use it now if necessary. That will bring her to her senses (if she has any) and make the Russians realize that they cannot control the destiny of all nations.

Men are born to be free: freedom of speech, freedom from want and fear will win against the tyrannical hordes of Soviet aggression.

J. F. Little.