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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 11, September 22nd, 1948

Sport at Christchurch Outdoor — and Indoor

Sport at Christchurch Outdoor — and Indoor

With the arrival of the VUC and AUC teams in Christchurch on Sunday, Winter Tournament started. With the departure of the aforementioned teams on Friday, Winter Tournament ended. You may well ask what happened in between. There were the usual bashes, does, dances, etc.

Tournament was a good show and our thanks go to CUC who were excellent hosts. In particular we should thank Derek and Terry in the Information Bureau for having all the answers. An account of the various sporting activities now follows.


Congratulations VUC for coming first equal with OU and CUC. It was unfortunate that VUC played OU in the first game as OU had been able to practise on the Wentworth Courts and so had an advantage over VUC. However, VUC played well and their passing was definitely superior to that of OU. At the end of the first quarter the score was 11-2 in OU's favour. The final result was 31-27. If the game had lasted a little longer VUC would have won, as they were really playing well and their combination had OU really baffled. The whole team played very well and it was not surprising that they won every other game they played, As for the B-Ball Cup, this on the suggestion of VUC went to OU as they had never yet held it. This remains with OU for a year when VUC hopes to regain it.

Congratulations to Noel Hayman on being presented with a B-Ball Blue.


The team played very well and thoroughly deserved their wins. The first game was a very close one but due to good team work VUC soundly defeated OU. the score being 5-3. In the next game against AUC which was virtually the semi-final, VUC were defeated in a rather uninteresting game the score being 3-1. As all players played very well there is no need to single out individual players for attention, but our congratulations go to Ken Johnstone, a versatile player who was selected to represent Wellington.


At 1.30 on Monday, various odd bods and the shooting teams turned up at the brewery to participate in the shooting and all that goes with it. At the end of the first round. VUC were third, the team having been consistent in obtaining a score of 95 each. In the second round the VUC supporters became excited on hearing that Wobbin Hardwicke-Smith had shot 98. VUC kept this up and came second to Canterbury,

A good time was had by all, what with the "fog, grog and fireworks. Hardwieke-Smith, Henderson and Thomson were picked for the North versus South shooting match which was held the following Wednesday. This was won by the South. Congratulations to Vance Henderson who was awarded a Blue for shooting. We have it on good authority that he has not yet obtained his apprenticeship ticket.

Table Tennis

This year, VUC finished third for the Shield. Congratulations to Doris Johanneson for her fine win in the ladies singles. Her convincing defeat of J. Davies of OU who held the title in 1946 and 1947 proved beyond doubt that she was the outstanding woman competing in the table tennis. Incidentally, she again proved her ability by defeating the Canterbury ladies champion in a friendly match.

The men's doubles proved a most interesting struggle. In the semifinal, VUC upset the Canterbury hopes for a win by eliminating R. A. Algie, winner of the men's singles, and Pierce, in a hard fought match which was just won 3-2 by VUC. The final was, however, convincingly won by Otago 3-1.

Women's Hockey

The VUC team' played very well, although they were not strong enough to gain first place. Some of the individual players were outstanding, especially Jane Munro to whom out congratulations go for being awarded a Blue. In the first game against MAC there was some interesting play which resulted in a win for VUC. the score being 4-2. The next game was against OU. This was a good fast game although Otago were clearly superior. Unfortunately, our wings were unable to get the ball and take it down the field. VUC weakened considerably in the second half. The game ended in a win for OU, the score 6-0. In the next game against CUC "B," VUC was clearly the stronger side and defeated them 6-2. The game against CUC "A"' was lost 2-1. In their last game play moved very quickly and VUC won by 1-0.

Men's Hockey

Although there was some good individual play in the earlier game, lack of co-operation in the team was very noticeable. At times the backs brought the ball well up the field but the forward line was not supporting them very well. Against OU, VUC lacked co-ordination and the passing was rather wild. The condition of the field proved detrimental to good play. VUC was unable to break through the OU back line and therefore early in the game there were several near goals. The game ended in a win for OU. the score being 3-1. The game against CUC was very fast and exciting owing to a late brilliant recovery (a little too late) made by VUC. Peter Burney, our efficient goalie, made several good saves and so prevented CUC from obtaining a higher score than they did. The final score was 3-2 to CUC.

When VUC played AUC the game was fairly even. AUC had a slight advantage in that they had Rood control of the ball while VUC were noticeable for their wild passing. VUC full backs. Gill Johnston and N. Buxton played well. The game ended in a win for AUC the score being 2-1.

By the time VUC played Massey, we had improved our game but there was still lack of co-operation in the circle. The game ended in a draw.

Other sporting news will be found on found on Page 8.