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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 6. April 13, 1950

Closing shots

Closing shots


I must apologise to Jiminy Critic for misquoting and drawing inferences which he did not mean to convey. Both these were reprehensible although unintentional errors. However, there remains the point at issue—internationalism. Perhaps, I might catch JC's "conclusion on the bounce" by quoting my comments: "The idea (MRA) is far bigger than internationalism anyway."

In commenting on JC's review and his conclusions—i.e. possible international hatreds—I added more information which had little relation to his criticism of the play itself. By indicating what is behind the move-rent I had hoped to show that JC's conclusion is non-existent.

Further to that: the MRA movement has as one of its major aims, the fostering of international understanding and world unity. During the past fifteen years it has worked in about 20 countries and in some cases has Improved international relations—not the reverse. Time will show whether or not MRA will provide the genuine internationalism which JC and most of us would like to see. Nobody can deny that at present there exist international barriers—mainly attributable, I think, to misunderstandings and opposing materialistic ideologies. MRA aims to remove them.

In my attempt to explain (in as few words as possible) the one thing that MRA fights as evil, I was guilty of stigmatising materialism. This 'was perhaps because of my ignorance of any genuine good that materialism can achieve.

I have no wish to re-open the question of the existence of God: far better minds than mine have not reached finality. I attempted to point out that in the MRA movement there is a fundemental belief in God—in guidance by the will of God at all times, come triumph or disaster.

Perhaps JC and I will continue to differ on the reality of his conclusion, until world events prove one of us wrong.


(This correspondence is now closed. Ed.)