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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 4. April 26, 1951

Potted Pars

page 3

Potted Pars


"World Student News," IUS publication in Prague, ran a competition for the best report on the IUS Conference written by a student. Prize was a free stay at the IUS Winter Games in Rumania. "The World Student News" editors hoped that the objectivity of such reports would be in the best traditions of student Journalism, and "Salient" prints some examples of what "WSN" and allied newsheets run in their English editions, just as a guide for any who wonder why VUC doesn't belong to WFDY, IUS etc. (Sorry, closing date was November 30th if anyone wanted that holiday).

Scare Story

"Our students work hard to pass their final examinations as fighters for peace"—Polish theme at IUS. (That soared us straight away—if we fail we're warmongers.)

Freedom of the Press

"The American news agencies United Press and Associated Press caused Congress to pass a resolution protesting against the stories put out by them, and to withdraw the press cards of their representatives. They had distorted a statement . . ."

The Cad!

One of the leaders of the Peoples Youth of Yugoslavia . . . asserted (in their magazine) that the Congress was a "Propaganda platform" .... "separated from the mass of students."

Vuc is Proud of

John Platts-Mills "Barrister," former M.P." ex Rhodes scholar who is one of the 15 British members of the World Peace Council, along with our old friend the Dean of Canterbury, Dean Chandler of Hamilton represents New Zealand, following alphabetically after Mongolian Mr. Tsendin Damdin Suren, whose name seemed like some of those Jiggs and Maggie characters—"Count Up straight" etc.

Harrier Club Notes

"The majority of Sofia university students took part in a cross-country race for peace. . . . ."


"Today I would not sign the Stockholm Appeal—O. John Rogge." (Rogge used to be one of the chief apologists for the Comin form in USA, but, like Konni Zilliacus, took the Tito line after the split over Yugoslavia.)

"Yes the Russians knew about New Zealand, They asked about the Maoris, about their literature and art, about their organisations, their political organisation" . . . Prof. Winston Rhodes.

Gardiner Gets the Bird—Literally

Salient happened to be present when Mezzo-soprano Gardiner of the touring G and S cast got the bird—in the form of a well dead pigeon on her hat. The immediate eruption of red head Gardiner, a demand to one of the Opera House's keepers and it appears two young boys were the culprits. Did they do better than they knew?

Really Rhodes

In the mountain hamlet's clothing
Peaks beneath Caucasian stars
Where Waitangi's pact means nothing
And they never heard of pahs.
Do they rea din Pravad's pages
With a crib to rea dit with
"Waitangi 1840—Maoris through the Ages"
Really Rhodes ?

Do the servants of the Kremlin,
Kulaks mining salt all sigh
At the tale of Hinemoa
[unclear: Do] they know of kapai [unclear: Kai]?
And hear broadcast by Moscow
Translated into Marx
Maul's tale by Stalin Joe ?
Chuck it Rhodes!!

(With apologies to G.K.C.)