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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 5. May 24, 1951

Potted Pars

Potted Pars

Mantis too much

Conductor Bowles had trouble during the Vera Bradford concert: a mediocre soloist, a moth on his head and a praying mantis up his trousers leg—this last extricated off stage had reached hie armpit

Ron Rumour

Rumour—reliable rumour has it that when Varsity Rep Jarden visited Tom Morrison's for his NZUSA Blazer measurements were also taken for the All Black Jacket A certainty it seems, if on form against the Aussies.

Henry Georoe

Recent [unclear: mystery] in Economic circles is the appearance of a "Henry George School of Social Science with a lavish advertising budget offering free tuition in Economics. Main teaching of this American nineteenth century writer was the "single-tax" notion of nationalising all land and using the rent from it to pay all taxes.

Most text books have long since stopped bothering with this almost forgotten heresy (catch is how to compensate present owners) and any who have heard of George are puzzled why he has been thus disinterred.

Tilly Spared

The Association's cat, Tilly, has been found a home. For the first time since she made her home with us, Tilly was missing on the day she was to go to the Biology Dept The staff member who was to have destroyed her wanted a cat at home, so Tilly was reprieved when she later appeared.

Back Stairs Boys

A couple of scientists were walking up to the Radar factory set up in wartime Wellington when one remarked "We're late, we'd better sneak up the back stairs where the boss won't catch us." "All right" said his companion, and they parted to their respective rooms.

The point of the story is that the second one was the boas, unrecognised, then still in his twenties. If you don't believe it Just ask Prof. Watson-Munro!

Cordial Relations

One bright remark at a rather dull undergrads' supper this year was Kevin O'Brien's: "Relations between the President and the principal officers of the Executive have continued to be on the moat cordial basis."

Cops as Customers

Normally Cappicades are given to such important people as policemen and traffic cops during Procession. This year one keen salesman invaded the police yard and Sold magazines by the dozen.