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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 11. September 6, 1951

With Winnie the Pooh and a Little Luck — A Win in 1952?

page 8

With Winnie the Pooh and a Little Luck

A Win in 1952?

No Wooden Spoon, a second place and no shooting disputes—a satisfactory Winter Tournament; and judging by comments both articulate and inarticulate the hospitality was up to standard.

The Women's Hockey Team after a not very impressive opening game deserve special congratulations for an excellent game after an abstemious night.

Drama are confused by the judgment which seemed to put great store in light work. Next time, quoted the Producer, it will be Winnie the Pooh. Inadequate facilities hampered production by usually successful Drama.

Shooting had a bad start but picked up points and had it not been for Massey's bad luck would have been the winners.

In several cases the winners, Otago, collected points which their opponents who were not in the running were expected to collect.

In one of the Indoor Men's basketball games Otago won but had the advantage of more replacements and wore their opponents down. Nevertheless we did get second.

Fuller reports will appear in Salient as soon as we manage to bring the various literate among the representatives down to earth and in contact with a paper and pencil.

In the meantime congratulations.