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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 13. October 4, 1951

Random Reminiscences

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Random Reminiscences

The years at a University during the struggle for a degree are always enlivened by light relief—often in the most unexpected places. The jottings which follow cannot adequately recapture those moments.


"My mother used to speak to the onion johnnies' as we called the Breton fisherman, in Gaelic, of course, she spoke English as well."—Prof. Ian Gordon.


"I went to Blenheim once; it's wonderful how travel broadens the mind."—Prof. Murphy.

And Unconscious

"A dairy farmer I met milked forty cows, and distinguished each one by name. I thought that a remarkable feat of memory, but reflected that I had far more than forty students, and knew them all."—Dr. Heine.

"One thing the trustee must never do; that is to make advances to the widow."—Mr W. G. Rodger (the senior lecturer in accountancy was of course talking of Cash advances).

The First Day

"How old are you, sonny?" from a balding Rehab, student to a gentleman who now sits on the Exec, then in his very youthful fresher days.

In the Caf

"When I marry I'm going to marry a good cook and I don't care about anything else."—From a starving eighteen-year-old.

More First Days

"My name's .... What's yours?" (The lady's name may be had on request from the Editor if accompanied by a subscription for 1952). Addressed to a well-known B.Sc graduate.

At Exams

"Where do all these old buffers (i.e., the supervisors) come from? They must hibernate between October each year."—Remark from one examinee to another.

At the A.G M.

"Point of order, Mr. Chairman. I did Secretarial Law and Practice last year and I think ..."

Did you pass? Did you fail? Did you get through on a Rehab, concession? (Prolonged hilarity.)

Debate to Debacle

"I move that we send a message of condolence to Charles University."—Ben O'Connor.

"Let's send a message to Gottwald as well."—Harold Dowrick.

And thus fell an exec and began the reign of President Kevin I.


On a more serious note, who could forget the wonderful speech by John McCreary in defence of the freedom of the Socialist Club, then threatened with disaffiliation?