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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 4. March 27, 1952

Let's All Be Bachelors Gay!

Let's All Be Bachelors Gay!

("We have been favoured with Instructions to let the flats in the new block at present in course of construction situate at Boulcott St. They comprise Bachelor Fats at £4 per week: One-bedroom Flats at £5 per week; Two-bedroom Flats at £6/6/- per week.... These flats are suitable for professional and business men. Not suitable for children."—Advt. in "Evening Post." 15/3/52.)

Let's all be bachelors gay
Then we cun afford to pay
For bachelors' Flats
Maintaining our status
Of orchids without any seed.
No debts to society
We live in propriety
Commercial and decadent
Childless, non fecund and
Sterile in word and deed

Our flats will be stylish
Quilt with a vilish
Ban on kiddies and kin.
Presumably dogs will be
Welcome and cats make the
Welkin ring with their friends.
Presumably women
Will be allowed in 'em
Presumably these are the trends.

So if you want to marry and breed
Take warning from this, take heed.
No family man can afford our flats.
We can get permits and that's
More than you'll get or ought.
We're not building suitably
For those who inscrutably
Raise odious little brats
We haven't got time for that sort.

There's one consolation
If our generation
Lives bachelors' lives in flats
There won't be another
One way or the other
We'll be the last and that's that.

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