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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 12. July 3, 1952

Where's My Salient?

Where's My Salient?

Sir,—As I believe the editorship of your paper has recently changed hands, you cannot be held responsible for the mismanagement of "Salient" in the past, but no doubt you will welcome suggestions which might eradicate some of the past faults in the future.

I intend to deal specifically with the distribution of "Salient" among subscribers. When freshers enrolled we were persuaded by enthusiastic types to pay a subscription to "Salient," which the majority seemed to do. However, imagine our disgust when we found that those responsible had no intention of saving copies each week for subscribers, and the fact that a subscription had been paid did not mean that a copy would be available each time "Salient" is published.

In the issue of the 24th April a special eight-page issue was advertised for the following week. It was duly published, but when subscribers applied for their copies they were Informed that the issue had sold out, without copies having been set aside for those who had paid their sub-scriptions. Surely it is an elementary principle of running any publication that this should be done.

By not doing so "Salient" publishers have breached their contract with subscribers. It would seem that the only way to ensure obtaining a copy la to claim one as soon as they appear on sale. But this is impossible because the time of sale seems to vary greatly. Would it not be possible for "Salient" to be on sale at approximately the same time each week; the time to be advertised. Then a subscriber might have a chance of receiving a copy regularly.

It would seem that your advertisement on the top right hand corner of the front page—"Buy Salient"—every week might have been of more use to freshers than the obtaining of subscriptions from them. Then they would only have to pay for the issues they receive.

I have heard much indignant comment among students concerning the missing eight-page issue they never received. Is not an explanation called for?


[Yes, an explanation is called for. Of that issue there were five hundred copies printed—these sold out in two nights. Our subscription list la somewhat fluid in nature. Just because we have so many subscriptions it does not follow that that number of papers will be collected. We print slightly over the number of subscriptions, bat when the cash sales are higher than usual, as was the case with that issue, tardy subscribers lose out. "Salient" is on sale when, ever there are people to sell it between lectures, mostly on Thursday, Friday and Monday evenings. Space does not permit me to answer "Contract's" criticism in full; if be would see me I would be happy to provide any Information.—Ed.]