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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 13. July 15, 1953

New Exec. Goes To Blazers — Rapture-Slightly Modified

New Exec. Goes To Blazers

Rapture-Slightly Modified

The first meeting of the new exec, as usual, started late. All members of the new regime arrived early (or rather, on time)—with the notable exception of the present (absent) President, Malcolm McCaw. Eventually he arrived, however, and those lucky people sat down, prepared to spend the whole evening if necessary in getting the agenda removed from their paling visages. Among the correspondence was a letter from a local body, protesting lightly against, apparently, something that occurred in the precincts of the cable car on Capping Day—of course gasps of unbelief and flabbergastion (?) were heard all round, but all recovered equilibrium. Mr. Galvin was chuckling uncontrollably for a while, but assured us that he was as much in the dark as anyone.


Came appointment time, and the following were made:
  • Assistant Secretary: Miss Diana Lescher (seconded by the secretary with much gusto).
  • Finance Committee: Misses Foote and Thom.
  • Publications Committee: Messrs. Hill and Sheat. with Mr. Galvin as ex officio exec, ember.
  • Blues Committee: Messrs. Free. McLean and Chatwin.
  • Gym. Controller: Mr. Trev. Turner.
  • Social Committee Convenor: Miss Diana Lescher (who has held this post since her co-option early this year).
  • Common Room Controllers: Women—Miss Mary Williment (Mr. Galvin was not eligible). Men—Mr. Ian Free.
  • Corresponding Member: Mr. Peter Chatwin.
  • Representative on Resident Exec. N.Z.U.S.A.: Mr. J. D. Dalgety.
  • Building Planning Committee: Messrs. McCaw and Beaglehole.
  • Public Relations Officer: Mr. McLean.
  • Cafeteria Controller: Miss Peggy Thom.
  • Stationery Controlling (Did you read that, Mr. Middleton?) Sub-Committee: Miss D. Lescher and Mr. Terry.
  • Business Manager. "Salient": Mr. J. Whitta.

Most of the recommendations from the out-gone exec. were referred to sub-committees as is their wont. When the matter of retail selling through the Association was being considered, Mr. Free suggested an open-air bazaar. No doubt this would prove to be a very popular innovation.

A.G.M. Motions

Dealing flippantly With the recommendations from the A.G.M., a reviser of the Constitution was appointed in the person of Mr. Chatwin, in preparation for the cyclo-styling of the Constitution. The said Mr. Chatwin looked so pleased with this that the word "revise" was deleted and the words "bring up to date" substituted. Ever heard of the grin on the face of the Cheshire cat? it disappeared. As a lawyer, Mr. Chatwin would, of course, appreciate the significance of the amendment.

Significant Note

Discussing the future of Extrav and Cappicade profits, Miss Lescher sounded a significant note when she suggested that a collection for charity be taken during Procesh. This matter was adjourned till the next meeting of the Exec. Monday the 13th, it is to be hoped that the exec, will seriously consider this question, as it is timely evidence of our non-parochial attitude, which has unfortunately been belated in coming to the fore in the matter of public relations.

D.I.C. came in for criticism regarding the supply of College blazers, and it would appear that anyone could buy a V.U.C. blue for the asking. In all the other colleges in New Zealand, a chit from the Secretary of the Association was required as evidence of good faith. It was decided to write to both D.I.C. and Hallenstein Bros, to ascertain the quality of cloth, price, time required for delivery, etc.. with regard to a possible sole supplier contract.


General business found a motion by Mr. McCaw on the, books regarding the present stale of the gym. The controllers of the gym. and common rooms were requested to submit reports on suggested improvements and repairs. The estimated cost of re-wiring the gym. was considered to be an excessive amount to leave on the shoulders of the Gym. Controller, and so he was authorised to have the place reasonably well rejuvenated, as was possible with a material grant of £20. This has since been done.

The "usual letter" to the Registrar was sent, drawing his attention to the "usual state of affairs" in the men's convenience, and requesting that better lighting be installed in both Cloakrooms. Said someone who had best remain anonymous, stirring from his slumber. "I have been observing these two places for some time now. ..." Ian Free called touche and "personage would be willing to run a raffle to provide Lux toilet soap in the (men's [unclear: on].) . . . to replace those bricks made with straw and [unclear: droppings] of . . ." Here we left. (Anticipation?) He also suggested Heated Towel Racks! Revolutionary! Other business was of a more or less formal nature, and the motions passed can be seen on the main noticeboard, by the Chem. wing. The meeting closed at the very early hour of 10.15 p.m. with a refreshing supper served by that metaphysical Hercules, Miss Paddy Dougherty.


The Hon. Secretary was soon at the Vic. House B Ball in the gym. night of Friday. July 3. and was obviously enjoying himself to the full. (Was he?) So were others. Kevin O'Brien was also there—but that's another story, and besides, this is no place for idle gossip, is it? Congratulations of the first magnitude go to the organisers of this unforgettable evening—and delicious supper, is this a foretaste of things to come ? I hope so.

Brian C. Shaw