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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 15. July 29, 1953

A.G.M. Motions Dumped

A.G.M. Motions Dumped

The exec. has been in power for just over a month. What has it done to benefit the students as a whole? Obviously, in one month the exec. has just had time to look around and find out what needs doing; no criticism of the exec, at the moment would be fair appraisal of its potentialities. So we will confine ourselves to minor remarks on what the exec. has done so far, what it should do and cannot, and what it should do and has not yet done.

Recommendations from the A.G.M., six in number have been dealt with as follows: (a) Investigations into Salient finances referred to the Finances Committee; (b) Four shillings per head levy to be paid into the building fund—referred to the Finance Committee: (C) Cyclo-styling of the Constitution referred to Mr. Chatwin; (d) Cricket Club a motion, was passed at the first meeting of the exec, which read "That this executive supports the Cricket Club in their efforts to maintain their Independence as a senior club"; (e) Publication of Spike—referred to the Publications Committee which in turn referred the matter to the Finance Committee: (f) Distribution of Cappicade and Extrav. profits—referred to Exec.

Just what does this hocus-pocus with the various committees mean? Both the Finance and Publications Committees have since met and their detailed consideration of the various motions follows.

Salient Finances

First, the investigation into the finances of Salient. readers will have read the article "Habeas Corpus" in the last issue of this paper, the writer there put forward the case for a compulsory Salient. The cost of printing 600 per week is £24 max.; the maximum cost of printing 2000 would be £37/10/-. But many of these 2000 copies would never be collected; however the Exec. would not lose, and neither would the person who collected a copy every week.

So much for Salient; an extra £50 has been granted by the Exec, to cover the additional costs of printing, etc., for this year it is a costly paper; yet many say that a University newspaper is essential. But what use is it if only a minority are Interested in it?

Association Finances

The finances of the Association are not particularly strong at the moment: of £1700 allocated to club grants. £500 went to summer clubs and the rest to the winter clubs Although comparatively healthy, they will not bear any extravagance on the part of the Exec., of which fact the Finance Committee are well aware.

Secondly, the 4/- levy per head to be transferred to the Building Fund. This amount, which amounts this year to approximately £460, if transferred at the moment, would greatly upset the budget which at present is balanced.

Thirdly, the matter of the distribution of Extrav. and Cappicade profits if any. Obviously nothing can be done about this this year, as the profits from Cappicade will go to help the loss on Extrav. A motion moved two weeks ago by Diana Lescher supported, not that the proceeds of Cappicade or Extrav. go to charity, but that a collection for charity be taken up during next year's procesh. There was some dissension over this but the motion was carried and next year you may be asked to canvass during procesh. We do not propose to discuss the merits and demirts of such an action. We wish only to point out that the Exec. Has decided unofficially that the profits of Cappicade each year will go to the Association and the losses on Extrav. will be Offset by this; a definite policy has not yet been decided.


The question of Spike, too has been thrashed out. The reasons for the Exec, decision not to publish Spike this year are both multiple and reasonable. An editor would be hard to get—one who was qualified for the job willing to spend a considerable amount of time collecting material, planning the magazine in collaboration with the printer, arranging for advertising, discussing types, size, format, prices. The time factor immediately rules out any faint hope of having a Spike to read" this year. All material must be ready by the end of July at the latest. To ask a person to attempt to do in one month what he would find was a full-time job for six months is to ask the attainment of the impossible in the circumstances, the decisions was the only reasonable one that could be made.

The Next One

However, it is now four years since a Spike was published. If it is financially impossible to have one next year, it will be five years, and this is too long a gap. The Salient literary issue of last year and this year compensate [unclear: to] some small manner for the lack of information on the cultural side of the college. Yet no one would be so blase as to say that the literary issue takes the place of Spike. The Exec. also decided that Spike should serve primarily as a historical record of the agree it has been recommended that it be published triennially we would say at least triennially: this is the longest permissible break between issues, if they are to have any continuity at all and if any copies are to be sold to students. The average student remains at Vic. for four years in his first year he gets the lay of the land. During the following three years he actively participates in three clubs and enlarges his circle of friends and acquaintances. A Spike for him has much more appeal-than to a fresher, or a person who has left Vic. for two years.

Two of Six

So we and that of six motions passed at the A.G.M. two have been rejected, mainly on financial grounds Should we complain? No; the problem can only be solved quickly by cutting the grants to the affiliated clubs and societies, which would be seriously affected by such a drastic move.

Gym Controller

The gym controller, Trey Turner, is to be congratulated for his efficiency and enthusiasm in getting the gym looking presentable again As we will not get the Students Union building for at least six years, we will have to be content with the gym, and anyone who helps it to last those six years is a benefactor to the community.

Cheaper Books

The following recommendation was paused at the Finance meeting on Tuesday night "That it be recommended to the Executive that the accountant be requested to write to Modern Books obtaining information in connection with the proposal whereby Modern Books were to supply books at a discount to bona fide students in consideration of our shareholding." We understand that the Association holds two £1 shares in this business, and if they were to comply with our request, the student would be able to wave considerable expenses in connection with the purchasing of text-books

A Celebration

The last meeting of the exec. was one with a special significance for two members of the exec. Elaine Foote and Trev Turner, who were celebrating their 21sts; but we anticipate.

The revised budget as presented by the finance committee allows an extra £50 for "Salient" expenses (total for this year £350. last year £300). reduction in club grants of £160. provision for Capping and Extrav losses of £200. and an increase of £100 in Students Association fees (total next year £4500). A loss of £20 on "Salient" literary issue was expected, and £50 was reserved towards the cost of pulling out "Spike" next year.

Last year, £1860 was budgeted for club grants, of which £1200 was to be for winter clubs (and £900 has already been granted). £100 was spent on the golf, hockey. International Students and badminton clubs.

A travelling subsidy for members of Winter Tournament was granted to the extent of £I/5/- each. Mr. Trev Mill was given Tournament status as President of the N.Z.U.S.N.A., and two "Salient" Tournament reporters were approved.

The Official meeting concluded at 11.15 p.m. and a suitable presentation to the pair was made. Then came supper, and amidst an atmosphere sphere of oysters and beer the following quips came to our ear from a group to one side: "Chatwin can't alter Our constitutions" (two nice young women): "Fat men have a lot of feeling . . ." (Miss Thom): "Nothing wrong with Tim Beaglehole's hair, but it's nothing like his brother's!": "So you would say that the body exists to support the hair .. ." (Ian Free). We left at 1230 having partaken of what news there was.


And so we end as we began. We ray that the Exec. is Just as responsible and as efficient as the previous one; although the president is perhaps not yet us adept at conducting Exec. meetings as was his predecessor, he has plenty of the necessary acumen and knowledge to fulfil the expectations of those who know him.

Brian C. Shaw.