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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 22, No. 5. June 8, 1959

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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—I have been wondering why students traditionally show their most obscene side to the public in Cappicade. There seem to be three possibilities:

(1) "The city likes dirt. It is easier to make money with a dirty magazine than in any other way. We want money and we don't care how we get it."

If this is our attitude I suggest the community has no further need of a University. There are already enough people making money by exploiting the less attractive side of humanity. (Why not try running a brothel?)

(2) "We don't care about the money. We write Cappicade because we like that kind of thing."

Frankly, I think this is just not true. Students are not so much dirtier-minded than anyone else. If some organisation other than a University regularly published a magazine of the standard of this year's "Cappicade," students would regard it with disgust and would be among the last to subscribe.

(3) I hope there is a third alternative. Namely, that it is traditional for Universities in New Zealand to produce "daring" capping books. We feel we would be letting somebody down and failing to be dinkum "students" if we are not obscene at Capping time.

This is in fact the tradition which enslaves us, but it is surely an unnatural one. The essence of a student is not that he is particularly obscene or enjoys upsetting people, but that he approaches problems with an open, intelligent and fearless mind. This is hardly the impression given in "Cappicade."

Better Unpublished

There is little doubt that this year's Cappicade would have been better unpublished, but we would all be a little sorry to see it go for good. The effective Extrav. programme ("Time") gave [unclear: ample] indication of what could be done in a different style. Why not, for instance, do an issue extraordinary of the "Evening Post," with a strong political flavour.

And why must Cappicade be so long? No wonder the editors revert to the old patterns when saddled with such a huge responsibility. We must become reconciled to being students, who only incidentally publish things for public consumption.

This year's lamentable effort was by no means entirely the fault of the editors. They are certainly capable, and probably willing to produce a magazine of quality, but the University has mutely assented to the unhappy tradition, and the editors have felt it was their job to follow suit.

Cappicade is an official publication of the students' association, and it is therefore the responsibility of us all to change this tradition.

Yours, etc.,

A. J. S. Reid.



—I would like to congratulate you and your staff on the high standards you have established in your issues of Salient so far. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Yours, etc.,

R. E. Jones.

Billy Jones!


—Recently there has been much weighing of pros and cons concerning Billy Graham. His name has been liberally tossed about among your readers.

But I cannot condone the attitude adopted by your correspondent R. E. Jones. Personally I am not a Billy Graham fan, but the evangelist's sincerity is obvious to all but the learned Mr Jones. Dr. Graham is giving of his whole self in an effort to bring the right ideals and the right perspective into an increasingly materialistic world. He is bringing the forces of Christianity to combat the forces of materialism.

Mr Jones mentioned monetary rewards in connection with Dr Graham. Would Mr Jones have him live on the traditional bread and water? Undoubtedly it would be of benefit, having the desired effect upon his health and so on his work.

If your correspondent cared to do a little research, he would discover that many parish clergymen in the States, who do far less work, receive higher wages than does Billy Graham. (I don't include what he gets from his literary efforts).

Perhaps the said Mr Jones himself intends to apply for the post he advertised in his letter. Doubtless he could perform the task to perfection!!!

Yours, etc.,

Sherill Anderson.

No Vacancy


—I am glad to see Salient does not require my services as it already has Mr R. E. Jones.

Yours, etc.,


Slack Girls


—On behalf of a group of full-time girl students, I should like to know what the general opinion would be to girls wearing slacks and jerseys to varsity every day.

In our opinion slacks are warm and comfortable, and can be made to look becoming. They are the obviously sensible mode of attire for those of us who are obliged to spend all day working around the "icy" university buildings during Wellington's miserable winter.

However, those girls who so far have ventured out in slacks have drawn very adverse comments and glances.

We should like to know other peoples' views on this subject.

Yours, etc.,

Freezing Females.