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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 22, No. 7. June 20, 1959

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Diversity in Unity

Sir,—Four years ago when the plans for the Student Union Building were in a state of discussion, at least one religious club requested that a room be set aside as a quiet room or chapel for anyone who wished to use it and, at stated times, for use by the various religious clubs. At that time the Executive was exceedingly non-committal.

It was a fact that there was difference of opinion amongst members of the clubs concerning the actual name of such a room, but from the very beginning there has been unanimity on the basic plan of having a definite room put aside.

We feel that the paragraph headed "Quiet Please" in your last issue was unfortunately capable of the misinterpretation that the clubs concerned have never been able to agree on the subject.

This is completely false: even more so because a committee representative of the four main groups concerned recently forwarded for the executive's consideration a full report on the name, size and even furnishings of the envisaged room.


Once again the executive's reply was non-committal, and, although they have promised to bring the matter to the notice of the authorities concerned, we very much fear that (as Salient indicated) any room we eventually may obtain will only be by gracious last-minute consideration of the Executive.

It should stressed that:
1.Never at any time has the Executive made any approach to the religious clubs, even though they have been fully aware of the requests outlined above.
2.This being so, the clubs decided to take the initiative themselves and are in agreement with one another on this matter.

We trust the expressed wish of over 200 students and the goodwill of many others will not be lightly put aside by the new executive.

—Yours, etc.,

Jean Rees,

For Anglican Society, Catholic Students' Guild, Evangelical Union, Student Christian Movement.

(The original item stated "the religious clubs could not agree among themselves." The above letter insinuates it was only the mere members who could not agree, we think they are the clubs. It seems to us they could not agree.

Some members of one club even suggested that if a certain other club used the room for services they would be unable to use it at all. The same Club members also suggested the prayers of these other believers might ruin the efficacy of their prayers—unity?

The item was meant to point out that without unity no cause can succeed. "A house divided against itself . . . —Ed.).


Sir,—Much of B. C. Walsh's letter is completely trivial and futile. A long discussion as to whether Billy Graham, John Wesley, Schweitzer or Jesus Christ himself have found satisfaction doesn't seem very valuable (presumably there is something wrong in finding fulfillment and satisfaction).

The only thing that really matters about Billy Graham surely is not the man but the message.

Close Attention

B. C. Walsh's assertion that "Christianity is not the only way to the spiritual life" demands close attention.

Either Christ or B. C. Walsh is a liar, because Christ said "I am the Way, the Truth, the Life—no man cometh unto the Father but by Me."

If there was any other way of reconciling man to God, Jesus Christ would have never died on the cross.

Either Christ is the only way or He is no way at all. There is no vague in between.

I would suggest that B. C. Walsh put aside all irrational prejudices against Christianity and "orthodoxy", examine the claims of Christ in perhaps the Gospel of St. John and then either reject Christ and eternal life or accept Him.—Yours, etc.,

R. A. C. Stewart.

Caf Chaff

Victorious B.G.

Sir,—I would like to know why you gave the photo (of Billy Graham) the title of ("Sieg Heil"). For the gesture of B.G. on that photo has nothing to do with the fanatical gestures of a mob led by a madman like Hitler.

Of course you can say that "Sieg Heil" means only "Hail Victory" and in doing so you wish B.G. a victorious campaign. But I am sure this was not your intention as in that case you would have chosen a title that does not remind people of Hitler.

Therefore I will have to believe that you think that B.G. is a fanatical madman like Hitler, and then I have to be sorry for you.

For there is still quite a difference between a person who is well aware of what he is aiming at and still knows what he is doing and at what cost, and a person like Hitler, who might have known what he was aiming at. But you certainly can't say that Hitler knew or wanted to know at what cost he was doing it.

(Germany is still paying Israel for the millions of Jews she butchered).

Therefore your comparison between Hitler and B.G. is ill-founded and it is extremely annoying for a person who has lived under German occupation to see a Kiwi use words that were not all justified.


I know that the student Press of New Zealand thought it necessary to write very condemning articles on B.G. which is their democratic right in this country, though in those articles they did not show much wit, as it was just tearing down B.G., just like a little kid destroys the buildings of blocks his little brother has made (it was just as childish and witless).

But I still think that you as one of the student Press could have made up better titles for the photos . . .

—Yours, etc.,

M. C. Lambrechtsen.

(The caption was not written by a Kiwi. Mr Lambrechtsen is entitled to his opinion as he acknowledged we are entitled to ours).

Amber to Red

Sir,—The medieval laws of Tibet are indeed terrible. But their extreme rigours are reserved for those who do not tell the truth.

—Yours, etc.,

The Lama-In-Chief.

(The Lama is also an expert on motor-cycles.—Ed.).

Slack Clime

Sir,—Auckland is warmer than Wellington in winter. Auckland University women look nicer than Wellington University women in winter. They wear slacks.

—Yours, etc.,

Three Ex-Vic. Students (female).