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Salient: At Victoria University College, Wellington, N. Z. Vol. 24, No. 10. 1961.

Unchristian God

Unchristian God

Sir,—I imagine that few readers I would agree with Mr Dwyer's ! theory that Christian morality ("divine" morality, as he calls it) tends to prevent the establishment I of a good society. One has only to I contrast contemporary societies I such as Switzerland and Russia, or Israel of the centuries B.C. and Egypt of the same era to reveal the fallacy of this remark.

Your correspondent's claim that I Christianity endeavours to identify itself with the powers-that-be is gravely erroneous. On the contrary, It has tended to show a most impudent disregard for these same powers-that-be, where they are opposed to Christianity. Has W. Dwyer forgotten the Christian martyrs of Imperial Rome, the I struggle of Christianity in Buddhist societies, the efforts of countless missionaries in various parts of the globe, or, to take a modern example, the struggles of the Greek Orthodox Church in Russia?

I cannot agree with the writer's claim that "Christianity breeds the slave intellect." Would he regard G. K. Chesterton, T. S. Eliot, St. Augustine, G. M. Hopkins (I could continue Indefinitely) as "slave intellects?" Or, I wonder, would he class them as mere superstitious fanatics?

Yours, etc.,

Clive McLeod.