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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 14. 1961.

Meditation and Prayer?

Meditation and Prayer?

Sir,—In connection with the Quiet Room some people seem to think that the only people who are interested in prayer and thought are Christian people. This is very flattering to them, out hardly true.

It was to meet the wishes of a large number of students, "Christian" and "non-Christian." that the Quiet Room was set aside as a place where they can go either Individually or in Groups for a few minutes peace. Some of them may want a time of meditation and prayer. Some may just want to get away from the atmosphere of study and swot for a while.

Any Individual or Group in the University is entitled to use the room. The Religious Clubs have no more or no Less Right than any other group. The room is just as available to all students as the Common Common Room is. Not all students will want to use it, but then not all students want to use the gymnasium, and no one seems very disturbed about that.

It is hard to see why the freedom of those who want to use this room, on an Individual and group basis, for quiet and meditation away from the atmosphere of swot, should be violated by those who want to turn this place into just another room for study.—I am, etc.,

Bob Stewart.