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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 10. 1962.

We Protest [Letter to the editor by I. B. Harris]

Sir,—Your editorial of June 18 endeavours to emphasise the sanctity of human life.

While in no way agreeing with you but respecting your right to propogate your views (however wrong) it appears necessary that one or two points should be brought to attention.

Firstly it is difficult to believe that the "we" of "we protest" included all the students of VUW.

Secondly your editorial in its layout follows the pattern of Emile Zola's "I Accuse," a noble document seeking Justice for an innocent man and containing an eloquent plea directed to stirring the conscience of mankind

Your editorial could not have been linked with a more unworthy subject and in this you evidenced a lack of judgment and damaged the cause which you espouse.

Eichmann was a very guilty person who in his early days was nurtured in a Christian home and was indoctrinated with Christian ethical values.

Dreyfus wasn't. This innocent man was indicted and convicted by those who were in view of this the format of your editorial was perhaps unwarranted and showed a lack of appreciation and tact.—Yours etc.

I. B. Harris