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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 10. 1962.

From The Left [Reply to letter]

On reply:—To paraphrase Harold Laski, we are all good leftists. Mr Dwyer in his own way, others in a leftist way.—Val Maxwell.'

Sir,—Much as I might desire the existence of a revolutionary situation "at this University at the moment," I have had sufficient experience of such occasions to appreciate that the possibility does not appear even a remote one. Although I can understand Mr Maxwell confusing revolutionary individuals with such a situation I cannot accept that he is entitled in any way to speak for the Left.

It is typical of the pseudo View from the Left" that the Communists should be represented as the extreme Left. My understanding of the Loft is a revolutionary, progressive movement battling for a new and better social order and having for its inspiration the much-abused, sadly betrayed principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

While it is true that the Communist Party has masqueraded under their auspices in its efforts to grasp power, It is oven more tragically apparent that, on be coming the government, the Party destroys Liberty for the individual, perverts Equality in the erection of a Now Class and substitutes a spy-infested ruthless police state for Fraternity.

Mr Maxwell's Ideology Is far from clear. But whether he speaks for the decayed Labour Party or the state capitalist Communist Party ho will still find himself in the same camp with the conservative and reactionary parties—those selfish, stupid and oppressive elements of the Right.—Yours etc.,

W. Dwyer

Sir,—I am pleased to see that Mr Dwyer has changed his mind as to whether or not a revolutionary situation exists at this university.

It is accepted practice to include the Communist Party in the pantheon of the Loft, although it has long forfeited this honour.

My political position should be clear to any intelligent reader of this column. Unless my wife has paid my subscription I am not a member of the "decayed Labour Party," neither am I a member of the "national capitalist Communist Party." The only political groups to which I belong are the Socialist Club and Socialist Forum.—Yours etc.

Val. Maxwell