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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 8. Monday, July 1, 1963

Around The Campus

Around The Campus

Man, what a week. Last time I was really scraping the barrel for things to talk about, but the columnist's lot seems to have brightened considerably, and it's got nothing to do with Christine Keeler either. You know, Blizard's personality cult can't be as effective as I thought; the joker on the polling booth didn't recognise him when he came to vote, didn't realise who he was even when told the name.

Some jokers take things seriously. Chap I know saw the film "World by Night" featuring a dive off a cliff face. On Saturday he dived fully clothed into the Kelburn Fountain, cracking his skull and necessitating three stitches. He has threatened to sue me if I disclose his name, and, as you know, I hate to hurt people's feelings so I'm blackmailing him instead.

Seems odd cuttings of this column have appeared on the walls of Vic A. Suppose it gives them a thrill though, being as it is so sophisticated and madly gay. Actually. Vic A has always intrigued me. The place has a suffocating air of purity and handy fire escapes.

Getting back to the elections; I think the most entertaining thing about them was the rogues gallery we had to choose from. I think the most cunning were those who submitted no photograph.

Had a pleasant evening in the cocktail bar of the George the other night. There was this character there who seemed the personification of a reprobate uncle.

He read the palm of some nit and then flashed a warm yellow smile at me, took my palm and gazed starrily. Yes, he said, you are egocentric; other people matter little to you. Your real talents lie in practical things like carpentry and gardening; your future is in things like vegetables. Wahl, Ol thinks the answer loies in the soil. I said, with a dashing originality, whereupon a joker at the other end of the bar leaps to his feet, pokes his face right close to mine (luckily he uses Colgate) and said: "And by crikey you might be right there too, mate. Now I've just come in from Taumaranui, and I'll tell you, if it wasn't for the farmers this country wouldn't be where it is today. We've got to export to live mate. It's as simple as that."

Strange things happen at the George.

An odd week indeed. Champion drinker Barry Pinch swapped a flagon for four tins of Raro juice, and is now ploughing through "Anna Karenina". Its strange what happens to jokers when they get engaged.

Aha! Glory be! The female attire at Vic. seems to becoming even more unbecoming. I have a psychopathic resistance to such monstrosities as blue stockings and the other hideous manifestations of nonconformism. Still I suppose it fulfills Inner needs.