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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 8. Monday, July 1, 1963

Bawdy Show

Bawdy Show

"The scriptwriter and producer of the 1958 Extravaganza were appointed the previous September." said Bill Sheat, noted Extravaganza producer of the '50s.

Part of Extravaganza's success in those years was due to the activities of a steering committee. With the producer of the previous year on it, the committee was able to assure the show of the essential continuity gained from experienced support. This committee died when Sheat left the show.

To solve some of the difficulties being experienced by Extravaganza at present, Sheat suggested a meeting be called of all those interested in the show.

Their experience and support would assist next year's effort.

"A £25 prize was given for the script in 1950," he informed Salient. He also said an efficient advertising manager, which they lacked this year, was very necessary.

A bawdy, lavatory humour, political show was what the public expected, but it had to be well done.

His comment on the idea of holding a revue instead of an Extravaganza was: "Whoever thinks it is easier to produce a revue than an Extrav, is mistaken. I'm one of the few people in Wellington who have produced both and I know how difficult it is. Besides, it is necessary to have a tradition for these things. In Otago the clime is right. They have distinct Hostels and Dental, Medical and Phys.Ed. schools which can provide their own farces and male ballets."

Various factors led to this year's big loss. There was a heavy demand on the entertainment pocket from other shows. The messy opening night did not please the public, and Executive did not help by leaving it out in the cold. Sheat also mentioned the "ignorant rubbish" in Frances Lipson's editorial.