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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 8. Monday, July 1, 1963

Clean Up, "or else"

Clean Up, "or else"

"There are two basic problems confronting those in charge of Extravaganza 1964.

(1) How to break student apathy and/or antipathy to Extravaganza.

(2) How to channel the resources behind Extravaganza in the best possible manner."

"Old Hands" Bill Sheat and Terry Brown.

"Old Hands" Bill Sheat and Terry Brown.

Dealing with the first problem. Mac Hamilton said that Extravaganza 1963 had done quite a bit towards breaking student apathy.

He felt, therefore, that 1964 may find the student body in a mood for "something better or else."

"But there will still be many not interested in such a show."

Hamilton was questioned about the attitude of musicians, dancers and drama club members.

"As I have always contended, these people are interested but wary. Why should they be interested in a nebulous thing which till opening night has no distinct form? Why should they waste their talent on an unknown quantity when they have possibilities of a known quantity, such as Drama Club major productions?" Hamilton declared:
1.A script is essential as early as possible. I suggest February, or at latest March 1st.
2.A producer, a music director, a ballet mistress, a backstage manager must be found at the same time and their names published widely. There is more chance of getting recognised talent if production talent is well known, and more so if well respected.
3.A good script and a good production team will easily inspire confidence in cast and backstage crew.
4.A good show will do more to rouse student apathy than advertising, no matter how good it be