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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 2. 1965.

1965 Changes in Courses

page 10

1965 Changes in Courses


Amendments to the course regulations for the degree of Bachelor of Arts provide for the addition of the following new subjects or units:

History of Philosophy (a Stage I course)

Logic II

French III (Additional)

Russian III (Additional)

German III (Additional)

General Geology (a Stage I course for non-science students)

Statistical and Numerical Mathematics III

Cartography I

Counterpoint I

Analysis and Score-reading I

With the introduction of teaching in Maori Studies I and II (unite which had been prescribed but not taught) consequential amendments were made in the course regulations. Oral examinations will be compulsory.

The number of units higher than Stage I required for the degree will be increased from three to four.

The papers in Pure Mathematics III will be reduced to two

Provision was also made for candidates for BA, LLB to qualify

BA on completing seven BA units and three early Law units

The course regulations for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours were amended to add Mathematics as a Subject for the degree. Five papers will be required.

New regulations were approved for a degree of Master of Arts with Honours in Language and Literature. The degree may be awarded with First Class Honours. Second Class Honours (First or Second Division) and Third Class Honours. Changes in the a candidate to offer an essay in place of one optional paper.

Candidates for the degree of Master of Arts with Honours in Language and Literature will proceed to that degree from the ordinary BA degree. There will not be a BA (Hons) degree available in language subjects.


The following changes will be made in the names of units prescribed for the degree of Bachelor of Science:

Current name New name
Applied Chemistry Instrumental Techniques (Chemistry)
Radiophysics III Electronic & Radio Physics III
Statistical Mathematics II Statistical & Numerical Mathematics II

In addition, the course in biology will be raised to the status of a Stage I course, and a new unit, Statistical and Numerical Mathematics III is to be prescribed.

The list of subjects for the degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours is to be extended to include Mathematics and Zoology.

The Committee also approved other amendments which affect both the BSc (Hons) degree and the MSc degree.

As from January 1 1964, Second Class Honours may be awarded in two Divisions.

A candidate may be permitted to substitute relevant and complementary papers from a subject in which he has passed at Stage III for an equal number of papers in the subject in which he is taking his degree.

The course regulations for the degree of Master of Science were amended to delete Mathematics from the list of subjects in view of its pending addition to the subjects available for BSc (Hons). This is a temporary measure. The University proposes to reinstate Mathematics for the Master's degree in 1966.


Major changes will be made in the courses in music. The current MusB degree is to be replaced by two degrees, a three-year BMus degree and a fourth year BMus (Hons) degree.

The courses for both Bachelor's degrees provide for specialisation either in composition or in executant work.

The University will cease to award the Diploma in Music.

A new advanced course in musical composition is to be introduced, and this will lead to the award of the new degree of Master of Music. Normally a candidate for the degree must have qualified for admission to the degree of Bachelor of Music with Honours, but there is provision in the regulations for concurrent enrolment for both.

With the increase in the number of music units available for the BA degree, previously mentioned in this report, the University will be offering courses in music to cater for the needs of three categories of students with an interest respectively in music history, composition, and performance.


The subject "The Law of Sales and Sales Financing" is to be added to the subjects available for the decree of Master of Laws.

As from January 1, 1964. Second Class Honours may be awarded in two Divisions.

Higher Degrees

Course regulations were enacted to replace the statutes of the University of New Zealand for the degrees of Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Music, and Doctor of Science.

New course regulations were approved for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Clauses are included to enable a candidate to transfer from a PhD course to a Master's course. There is also express power to terminate the registration of a candidate making insufficient academic progress. The regulations require that the thesis shall represent an integrated report of a piece of research. It may consist of either published material or unpublished material, or a combination of both, except that a thesis presented in the Faculty of Arts may not consist solely of previously published work.

Diploma In Social Science

The range of exemptions available to students was extended with effect from January 1, 1964. A pass in New Zealand History for BA now carries an exemption from the subject Social and Economic History of New Zealand. The aspects of this latter subject not included in the course in New Zealand History are dealt with in an expanded course in the history, organisation and administration of New Zealand social welfare services.

Overseas students who win be returning to their own countries are also exempt from the subject Social and Economic History of New Zealand and receive a further exemption from the subject Elements of Law.