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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 12. 1965.

Letters written to Shand, Holyoake and other MPs—

Letters written to Shand, Holyoake and other MPs—

"All strength to you in a difficult job."

"We have enough vice and evil stuff here now without importing it from the 'hot' spots of the world ... she is still carrying on the same business—selling herself for big money. ..."

"We feel that there should be the same concern for the national moral character as there is for public health."

"Please Sir, listen to us, don't allow that woman to come to New Zealand."

"I am writing with the knowledge of our vicar."

"What then constitutes her show? Just Mandy Rice-Davies? To be gazed upon—displaying herself, in lewd unbecoming usage of feminine characteristics ... ?

"... This poor girl is caught in a vicious current and being used by evil, unscrupulous factors to rake in big money. We are not going to help them. ...

"As a promoter of the Kingdom of Kindness and a supporter of justice and fair play I ask that the committee decide in favour of admitting Mandy Rice-Davies to New Zealand."

"It (the Hamilton petition) was a completely irresponsible action altogether. I think the real point is that their sense of values is very inadequate and does not give a very good illustration of New Zealanders' perspective. ..."

"The world doesn't owe Mandy Rice-Davies a living but it certainly owes her the right to earn a living within the law. ... 'Vengeance is mine saith the Lord'—certainly not the petitioners. ..."