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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 13. 1966.

Not The Author

Not The Author

Sir,—Contrary to general opinion, I would like to emphasise that I was not the writer of the article "An Angry Girl Hits Back," which appeared in your August 12 edition. The views set out in this declamation are not mine.

I am definitely not trying to emphasise the differences between the sexes, but rather to prove their equality. Academically, to have two different criteria for marking essays and examinations is impracticable. The so-called "feminine logic" is, I must admit, often an excuse for sloppy, indecisive thought, or else it occurs when we allow our emotions to prevail over our reason. After three years of "masculine influence" I feel that my mind has become more capable of dealing with any problems I may meet in my future life, whether I become Prime Minister, or a housewife.

I cannot conceive of a condition where minds become divided into male or female elements, although I do acknowledge that being linked in some way to our bodies they will be influenced by their environment. Therefore, if a feminine mind exists, it is the result of conditioning, and not an original state. By further conditioning or training, such as is received at a university, it can be returned to its "purest form." This reconditioning does not. I dare suggest, apply only to the feminine mind but also to the masculine mind, because both sexes are taught to exclude emotion from their process of thought.

Julie Rayner