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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 12. 1967.

On the grapevine

On the grapevine

Indecent noise

Just what is this indecent publications business all about? Despite large volumes of noise about it. no thesis has established any definite connection between literature and perverted behaviour, depravity, or any form of sexual or moral aberrations.

It is a sad commentary on our political and cultural maturity that a Tribunal born of this country to capture the envy of many parts of the world should become the scapegoat of ill-considered criticism.

Members of the Tribunal can't walk into milk bars and start condemning the varied hot paperbacks. If people are really concerned you'd think they'd submit a few books for consideration.

Cappicade '68

Cappicade editors have been appointed for 1968. David Smith and Trevor Johnson will combine to produce Victoria's most noted publication.

Wow, what a dinner!

If You'Re a council delegate you can go to the NZUSA dinner and have a wow of a time. This year the fruit and cream cakes started living earlier than usual—there could be no speeches, the mouthers could not stand the foody barrage.

As cakes impregnated the air at cracking speed, one Vic delegate (a bird) was forced to take refuge under the table. Organisation collapsed. It is not expected the dinner will be reconvened, even though most "guests" were forced to flee the scene.

No coffee

The Agm directed that the executive prepare a report on the establishment of a coffee bar on campus. The report was to be presented by the end of the last term. Haven't heard anything about it yet. and it is said we are now into the third term.

Naughty Nat

Salients Billboard last issue noted that "national club disagrees with PM's remarks." According to motions passed by the club's committee, it was an accurate billing.

One committee member didn't seem to think it was quite the done thing to disagree with friend Keith. A little figure could be seen touring campus removing the Billboards.

Such a high degree of political maturity from a Nat committee member really is encouraging.

Power game

Recently one student took the risk of parking his car under an NP sign in Kelburn Parade. He didn't know just how great a risk he was taking.

A university groundsman had decided to extend his jurisdiction and informed the started student that if the car were parked there he would ring the Traffic Department.

Such is life

Sadly Toro couldn't make tournament. Two field trips and a "week off'' occupied his holidays.

He claims he can remember almost a full day of his "week off." An optimistic claim, but what a magnificent effort!

To cap it all. he finished up by having to get the wife to knot his tie.

Eye on Egypt

Can'T help wondering what Vic was doing sponsoring a motion at Winter Council regretting the growing income gap in Egypt. It lapsed for want of a seconder.


The collection at the end of last term for Volunteer Service Abroad raised 131 dollars. This will go towards NZUSA's target of 12,000 dollars to sponsor five University graduate volunteers.