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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 12. 1967.

Varsity show of low standard

Varsity show of low standard

Sirs,—I have just spent one and a half hours listening to the "Varsity Show" on 2YD and I am appalled at the low standard of the programme. Not that it had anything wrong with it as a programme. It was simply 2YD's normal variety music programme, interspersed with the inevitable adverts and occasional bits of news flogged from Newsheet.

Must we be represented by such humdrum mediocrity? Can't we offer something more worth while than "canned" music and toothpaste ads. Why not debates, discussions, lectures—even readings from Winnie the Pooh? Or is the NZBC scared of anything that might be controversial?

The blame doesn't lie entirely with the NZBC (although they only give the programme a pittance to run on) they are desperately short of material. Whatho, student apathy rears its ugly head again. There are (or should be) nearly 5000 feverishlyfestering minds here at Victoria—surely all this rampant grey matter could produce enough material to fill a miserly one and a half hour weekly programme.

There are a great number of clubs who could give something to this programmeDebating, Labour, National, Law. Film Society, Anarchist. Geography students' club and all the other science clubs—in fact damn near every club should be good for 15-30 minutes' worth at least once a year.

This could be the chance for the newly-elected Executive to break tradition and do something . . . anything, as long as they organise some sort of positive and worthwhile University Programme or forget the idea and don't have a programme are, all and slide further into the abyss of apathy and procrastination.

David John Fergusson.