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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 8. April 30 1968

Goose manure

Goose manure

Sir,—In the issue on April 9th you included a photo of surfing. The caption below read, "Dropping in on a perfect four foot curl at Houghton Bay."

1. The surfer was not dropping in.

2. The wave was nowhere near four feet, more like 2(-3 ft. Exaggeration is a well-known feature of a gremmie.

3. There was no curl as the photo shows.

4. The wave nowhere near perfect—it was a small, slow, there was a short ride, and it was closing out that day as the photographer (a surfer well-worth watching) would confirm.

We would like to know, as members of the V.U.W. Surfriders Club, the name of the goose who wrote this manure.

A more appropriate caption would have been., "He also surfs, who only stands up on waves".

[I have no knowledge of surfing. The photo and caption were supplied by somebody purporting to be a member of the V.U.W. Surfriders Club,—ed.]

J. Paine.