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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 8. April 30 1968

Social Officer — Exec. Members Report

Social Officer
Exec. Members Report

Capping is a defunct beast at Vic: at Auckland, Christ-church and Dunedin, it runs wild, chaotic, impressive.

These cities know more about their universities through Capping than through any other student activity or medium; "town-gown" relations in these cities are often more amiable than they are here.

Look around—YOU are an integral part of an apathetic society.

Your University is known for its judicial management, its financial stability, its stultifying conservatism.

"Student life", in a liberal sense, has atrophied; it is almost non-existent.

This week you can do something about it.

Society permits university students a certain amount of licence and indeed, expects this to be taken advantage of over Capping.

With a little enthusiasm and a little applied ingenuity, Capping can be made a worthwhile tradition.

It is probably too late to think of building a float now.

Stunts can still be "perpetrated" but, please, running around town wielding a paint brush is not pulling off a stunt; any student should be able to recognise juvenile vandalism.

There are plenty of other activities: tonight, the Drinking Horn.

Thursday, Charity Collection. This is not merely an outlet for altruists, it can be fun. It definitely is worthwhile and free Capping Ball tickets will be given to the best-costumed collectors).

Friday, Capping Ball, tickets $5.

It is not too late to do something. just get off your arses and Think.