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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 10 May 28 1968

Light on rent fog

Light on rent fog

Students who live in flats are being asked to co-operate in a survey of rents and living conditions.

The survey, probably the first of its type in New Zealand, is a questionnaire given to students enrolling for final exams.

The organizer of the survey, Accommodation Committee Chairwoman Sue Kedgley, said it was an attempt to "delve into the mire of accommodation problems."

She said students would be asked about their financial position and how much rent they paid; individually, ("We don't want the total rent of the flat," Sue stressed). They would also be asked about the distance of their flats from University, sharing of facilities and number of occupants.

Students' opinions on the quality of their flats and if they think rents "reasonable" will also be asked.

Information from the survey will be published and is expected to provide the Students' Association with useful background material in its efforts for better accommodation and subsidised rents.

Sue said it was hoped to learn whether there was a tendency towards exploitation of rent prices of flats near the University. How far students have to travel for cheap accommodation, is also related to this.

Another aim of the survey would be to see how much more expensive flatting is in Wellington than in other university towns, if at all.

This information could support the case for bursary differentials.

"A further purpose," Sue said, "is to let next year's students know in advance, what is an average rent.

"Do all students who have taken flats this year know, for instance, that rents are generally down by about $2"?

The survey could also provide some useful information for NZUSA which was interested in the effect that abolition of rent control would have on students.

Emphasising the "highly confidential" nature of the survey, Sue said it had been necessary to ask for names and addresses to avoid duplication of answers.

Sue asks all students to "do their bit"... "Students are always moaning about accommodation problems. Now, at the cost of a minute or two of their time, they can do something."

For those who miss filling in forms at exam enrolment some will be available at the Students' Association office.