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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 23. September 17, 1968

Dorofeev supported

Dorofeev supported

"You are told that Rutsla it frightened of West Germany, that it is haunted by Hitler. But the Wast has forgotten him. It is trying to rear neo-Nazism and is giving it arms to usa against Socialism." said the First Secretary of the Ussr Legation, Mr Pozdnvakov.

The Soviet Government and its allies had supported and encouraged the liberal reforms in Czechoslovakia but they had been forced to intervene in that country because the reforms were being used by "former Nazi collaborators and capitalists" who had been waiting for the moment when they could begin their campaign against Socialism.

Mr Pozdnyakov was supporting the motion "That Mr Dorofeev deserves our support" at the Debating Society on Friday night.

Also on the affirmative were Hugh Rennie and Geoff Bertram. On the negative were James Young, Terry Carson and John Olphert.

The affirmative argued that the subject encompassed general support for Russia and said their opponents were confining their arguments to Czechoslovakia.

Mr Pozdynakov was asked who exactly the people were who had requested Soviet aid. He replied he knew of ' ninety-nine workers and a few members of the Czech Central Committee" who had done so.

Voting on the debate was forty to one for the affirmative.