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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 23. September 17, 1968



Sir—God-awful) Not Only are we treated to some ghastly apparition in the last throes of gutsache, But Also a page of cock. Fortunately, this Little lot was free of the arrogant quotes from the Christian Bible usually embedded in such muck. There appeared only one word which really stunk to "high heaven', namely) 'rational'. Some nerve to equate rationality with the most irrational concepts this side of the black stump. Rationalisation after rationalisation! When will these twits ever learn that a goodly supply of goodnes does not necessarily emanate from an equivalent amount of religion?

"No-one can consistently live as though God were not there."— Suppose I have never heard of 'God' might I not still treat my neighbour decently, or being Godless, would I have to invent a Cod to justify my "morals", (I see no reference to Voltaire made by the Christian fanatic).

You who talk about naievete. Yours is poetry in the ears of the believer. Man is moral or, Man knows what's good for him God or no God. I prefer no-God. God, creator of all things, of drug addiction, condoms, great fishes, and saints. With angels and archangels and all the company of heaven he rules by fear—it's the good old Fascist way. So Vive Satan! Here I come. One of the traditions of 'brave new fearless thinkers'. (Please Devil, consider my age and do not take me at this stage). So we're free-thinkers but don't knock it pal, that doesn't make anyone wrong or inferior—less credulous may be.

On the assumption that God is not, I do not 'conclude that everything is utter irrationality and meaningless' neither do I beat my breast in sorrow or despair. I only take the old old credo heard so many times before in my hot little hand and toss it down the Shangri-la, where like all crap, it belongs. Some other time it might have merited inclusion in my biography "A Million Years of Bullshit".

And you know what God said when they had him up for indecent exposure in church—

'Nobody likes me Everybody hates me Going clown the garden to eat worms

My bloody oath I am!' Genuflect, genuflect, genuflect,

Louise Follick.