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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 9. 1969.

The Word And Its Being

The Word And Its Being

Anthrax Spores are Still Alive and Lethal on The Abandoned Scottish Coastal Island of Gruinard More Than Two Decades After The Biolocical Warfare Experiments That Took Place There During World War Two.

take the sentence for instance at the end of its tether, a privy and you its augmenter. evil is to urge your mind with the clutter of the literal verb. but think on cinematography: where there is a logical persistance of the image beyond recognition except in bitten chambers of the brain where contusion in the prospect of the subjunctive rages long awhile. its beauty as the intuition is breached by its implications then does the language shift into the infinite.

the sentence is an imposition. that grammar is a pencilwound in the shadow of a verb, what is necessary is morphology of the Word itself is a symbolic form.

A Chemical-Tipped Rocket Could Punctuate The AtmosPhere's Ozone Shield And Thereto An Avalanche Of Ultraviolate Rays Would Shrive All Exposed Life Below.

it is the century's condition that the lingua should be offioered by the meek, the estates of the brain are synonymous with the estates of the kulaks. an age between these estates and so the potential to suicide the personality. we are all of adepts of madness. a psychosis of violence is done the Word.

vietnams staged in the individual at every perception. divorce between the intuitive experience and the imposed response. in this way and forever it seems we needle ourselves with a voilence beyond measure. our curiosity is what is destroyed by this process of subtraction, we are all implements of the invading Them and we are paranoid because Them has no identity, the word is mad.

Plague Anthrax EncephaloMyelitis Brucellosis And ParRot Fever.

Alan Brunton.