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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 32, No. 19. August 6, 1969

Stud. Ass. Fee May Rocket

Stud. Ass. Fee May Rocket

The Students' Association fee may rocket from $13 to as much as $18 as a result of rapidly increasing Student Union and Association needs.

"A fee increase has got to come and it looks like it's got to be a big one", women's Vice-President Candy McGrath told Salient.

Students were lucky the fee had been so long kept at its present low level.

But, if they wanted the services the fee provided, they would have to pay for them.

Pressure for an increase is coming from at least five sources: Student Union operations costs, long-term Student Union development needs, Students' Association administration costs, soaring cultural club giant applications, and the desire of some members of the Publications Board for a larger production budget and better technical facilities.

At present, of the 13 Studass fee dollars, five go to the Association's general account, three to Union maintenance, three to a building fund, one to Salient, and one to a trust account.

News that the maintenance allocation was no longer adequate is contained in the proposed 1970 Union budget.

Steeply rising costs and a deteriorating financial situation recently.

But the position will take a drastic turn for the worse when maintenance begins on the current Union extensions.

On the established basis of a 50-50 split between the University and the Association, the. Association contribution will rise from $16,150 this year to $21,405 in 1970.

This recommended budget implied a raise in the Students' Association fee, said Mr. I. H. Boyd, Managing Secretary of the Student Union.

A raise of only one dollar would barely cover next year's costs and would soon be inadequate if costs continued to rise by about 9% per year.

In addition, development funds were needed for the Union.

The present three dollar Building Fund allocation was committed to paying off the existing building and to furnishing and decorating the extensions.

It would prove quite insufficient to finance further large building schemes which may be necessary by the late 1970s.

One million dollars would not be an exaggerated price for the proposed second Student Union Building in Wai-te-ata Road, an Association Officer told Salient.

Facilities suggested for the second SUB include a squash court and a swimming pool.

The Victoria fee was low by New Zealand standards and very low by Australian standards, Managing Secretary Boyd pointed out.

Apart from Waikato, where few facilities were offered. NZ fees ranged from $16 at Auckland to $21 at Otago.

Anstralian fees ranged from $22 to $72.

Studass President Gerard Curry said he would only comment that Executive has set up a "'long-term planning" committee to look into the whole matter.

But early evidence had indicated that a fee raise would be necessary.

The fee could of course only he raised by an amendment to the constitution at a general meeting of students.

S.R.C.-Memorial Theatre, Thurs. 1 p.m.