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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 4. 7 April 1970

Yours Sincerely?

Yours Sincerely?

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your kind telegram of 2nd March and your letter of 6th March. This mat was raised at a meeting of the A.U.S.A. executive on 5th March, and it was the consensus of the meeting that we adopt no resolution on the question of providing guarantees to any constituent over Capping Book Sales 1970.

When one comes to think about it, this is not really an unreasonable stand. No-one up here can remember the last occasion when Auckland sent sellers south of the Waitaki. After all, most Aucklanders would not know where the Waitaki is, and those who do would prefer to forget.

Then there is the question of population. As you yourself know, Dunedin would hardly pass as a full scale Auckland suburb, so there would seem to be little purpose in travelling so far south to such a small market.

Finally, we also thought about your threat to withdraw from Easter Council. I bet that the making of such a momentous decision on the part of your Executive made all the members feel really big. I suspect that when I read the minutes of your meeting I will find the next motion was to have this significant resolution hand-painted in gold lettering and hung in the Otago Union in time for all the voters to see at the next election.