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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 6 6 May 1970

Free to Students & Stolen by Staff

Free to Students & Stolen by Staff

They don't pay for it, that's all. From several points of view, there is no reason why they should. Many members of the staff made a substantial contribution to the Association when they were students here. Some of them are making a contribution still. (I refer, of course, to those academics who are assisting in the process of providing us with an education). And again, the staff—both academic and administrative—are among Salient's most perceptive readers. It is a pleasure to know that some of the material we publish is read intelligently; even if some readers, as one member of staff was heard to say, wonder where we "get those silly ideas from."

So you might wonder why that little slick aphorism is on the masthead of each issue. The answer lay a few sentences back for those of you (principally staff members, I expect) who have bothered to read these comments: just how many of our teachers can honestly be said to be making a continuing contribution to our education?

I don't think that the staff—academic or administrative—should have to pay for Salient. I hope, however, that each time they read that nagging little remark they think about what they're contributing to students.