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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 16. September 8th 1971



5.If possible a commander will [unclear: the] try to disperse the crowd by [unclear: t] non-violent means e.g.:-
(a)Verbal and visual [unclear: persuas] using loudspeakers, banners and bugles etc.
(b)The reading by a [unclear: magistra iolice)] of the proclamation under the Riot Act (or it [unclear: iivalent)](NZ Crimes Act 1961 Sec 88).
(c)Producing of cameras to [unclear: paragraph] ringleaders, agitators, and others to enable them to [unclear: identified] later as disturbers of the peace.
(d)A steady advance of [unclear: soldii w]ith fixed bayonets. However this form of threat must [unclear: be] used if the commander is quite certain that the [unclear: trc] will not come in contact with the crowd and hand-to-[unclear: hand. thting] breakout.
6.If all these methods are [unclear: ineftve ve] or impracticable then more drastic action will have to [unclear: be jnnen.] (NZ Crimes Act 1961 Sec 89).