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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 16. September 8th 1971

Action after firing

Action after firing

10.The effect of the [unclear: fiting] must [unclear: be] judged by the number of casualties but by the [unclear: subsequent sections] of the crowd. As soon as it is considered [unclear: that e] desired effect has been achieved the following action will be [unclear: fjhg]:- page break
(a)Firing will be stopped at once. Empty catridges cases will be collected and checked.
(b)Immediate assistance wi11 be given to any wounded.
(c)Any necessary steps will be taken to facilitate the clearing of the area. In this operation it is essential that exits are not blocked, that the crowd on the move in the right direction is not stampeded and that No action involving violence is taken against persons while attempting to disperse.
(d)If practicable efforts will be made to obtain names and addresses of neutral witnesses who saw the military action and firing.
(e)Any dead bodies must be collected and held until they can be handed over to the police. They must not be allowed to be removed by relatives or friends.
(f)Any persons who have been apprehended will be held until they can be handed over to the police.
11.Finally the armed forces and police or rep. must remain at the scene of the disturbance until it is clear that the situation has been restored.

Photo of riot police and armoured vehicles on a street