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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 16. September 8th 1971

A Challenge:

A Challenge:

The armed struggle is the first real challenge in Ceylon to a capitalist regime from the side of the oppressed people. It is also a challenge to all those who were peddling theories about achieving socialism through bourgeois parliamentary means. Since the collapse of the revolutionary oriented LSSP in June 1964 the country was totally dominated by parliamentarism, electoralism, and political manipulation by the party of the so-called national or progressive bourgeoise, the SLFP, supported by the two revisionist working-class parties, the LSSP and CP. The bourgeoise SLFP collosus-like, strode the political scene and the so-called Bandaranaike policies appeared inseperable from socialist ideology. The youth uprising has shown that this popularity of the SLFP was a temporary phenomenon and the collosus after all had feet of clay. The youth uprising has shown that the unprecedented mass support that the coalition government enjoyed since coming to office has even now, to a large extent, evaporated.