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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 16. September 8th 1971

[new Vertigo Records releases]

Logo of the Vertigo record label

Its the Vertigo season again and "The Music Company" has seen fit to unleash upon us another selection of new long-players which can be only described as a mixed bag. The Vertigo label which has been associated mainly with Progressive heavy sounds now seems to be broadening I its base because the new selection has some surprises compared with what we normally associate with the label.

There are some old groups, there are some new groups and there are some soloists, the overall quality of whom is relatively high although some do let the side down somewhat.

LP's include Asylum by a new group, Cressida; the third LP from King Crimson, Lizard; a solo LP from Ian Matthews; a bit of Afro-rock from Assagia; We'll Talk about it Later which is the second nucleus record and finally the first Lp by a group called Gravy Train.

The above listed LP's will be the ones reviewed here but there are four others in the Current Vertigo bag. The new Uriah Heep LP called Salisbury which comes highly recommended, and an LP by a group called Still Life which if nothing else is notable for its cover. For those interested in black magic ( a thing which seems to be influencing the pop music scene today) the record Holy Magick by Graham Bond might be worth the purchase, but if you like a bit of piano playing then Keith Tippett's record might interest you more. He's a good keyboard man and is noted for his session work so how he stands up on his own LP has yet to be discovered.



Telephone Girl — Akasa — Hey Jude —

Cocoa — Trin Ajolawa — Ayieo —

Beka — I'll Wait For You

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