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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 16. September 8th 1971

Ian Matthews: If you saw thro' my eyes

Ian Matthews: If you saw thro' my eyes.

Solo artists are 'in' at the moment considering the success of Cat Stevens, Elton John, James Taylor and others. A new offering in this category of music is Ian Matthews previously of Matthews Southern Comfort, who presents us with an LP of very pleasant predominately, self-penned tunes.

Listening to this LP, one can grasp fleetingly at the many influences upon it one of whom is Neil Young. Lyrics are very well written and meaningful:

And the light I find reflected
Guides the way among the hearts left by the road
By the way you seem affected
I can almost taste the bitterness you show


Did you ever lead another life
when you knew no one could hear
Did you close your eyes and thought awhile
Only then to find we 're all still here

(You couldn't lose)

Hinge is a small piece of well-played orchestral music which comes at the end of the first sidy and provides a pleasant relief from the vocals a nice touch.

This is one of the LP's from which I think 'Vertigo' is broadening its base. Finding Ian M [unclear: tthews] on this label is a bit of a surprise, especially when Vertigo has traditionally been associated with heavy progressive 'group' sounds.

If you saw thro' my eyes is very pleasant and very well produced, and is one of the few LP's which I would openly reccommend people to buy. .

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