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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 16. September 8th 1971

Gravy Train

Gravy Train

Norman Barratt, Les Williams, Barry Davenport and J.D. Hughes make up the new group. Gravy Train, and those who like really heavy music should go for this LP. Hughes plays a "Jethro Tull" type flute which is interspersed with a very heavy rock sound which approaches Led Zeppelin on some tracks, especially with Barratt emulating very much Jimmy Page's type of guitar work.

Coast Road is a terrific number done in a blues style. At first there is a slow pounding rhythm on which some superb instrumentals are launched, and later comes the vocals which are screamed out on the vein m the old 'blues' masters. The different tracks are variable enough to be distinctive and the only thing in common is the incredibly heavy rhythm.

The only track which I am not very keen on is Earl of Pocket Nook which unfortunately also happens to be the longest cut (16.11) but on the whole I find the LP mighty.

"This is the Gravy Train sound being captured to the extent where it contains all the excitement of a live gig and almost conjures up an idea of their visual impact" - so says the P.R. blurb, and for once I agree with it.

Cover photographs are by courtesy of Hipgnosis who are responsible for some really superb and colourful covers. (remember the cover of Elegy by the Nice.)




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